Excellence in uropathology

Uropathology 1Sonic Uro Dx, a specialist division dedicated to excellence in uropathology. Urology is a continually evolving discipline, with new insights and advances improving the diagnosis and treatment of different urogenital conditions.

Led by uropathologists Adjunct Clinical Professor Warick Delprado and Clinical Associate Professor Fiona Maclean, Sonic Uro Dx brings together the local and international expertise of respected urogenital pathologists.

We aim to assist urologists in their clinical practice, both in terms of diagnosis and treatment, as well as providing tools that help to communicate with patients. Our hallmarks are quality, consistency and accuracy in reporting, pathologist consultation and value-added reporting options. Our focus is always on accuracy, reliability and consistency, allowing urologists to maintain standardisation in their urology practices.

About Sonic Uro Dx

Covering all aspects of renal, urothelial, prostatic, testicular and penile pathology, Sonic Uro Dx combines cutting-edge diagnosis with standardised reporting and the latest knowledge, to provide the best information required for informed clinical decisions for you and your patients. Sonic Uro Dx brings expertise in all areas of uropathology, drawn from large numbers of cases and an intimate knowledge of the latest updates and advances in the discipline.

– Our specialist uropathologists are dedicated to reporting uropathology.

– They are also embedded in the Australian and international urological community, contributing to clinical meetings, forums and government planning committees.

– Our pathologists regularly present at international conferences and help to shape best practice in uropathological diagnosis and reporting.

– Sonic Uro Dx pathologists are available for consultation 24 hours a day.

Excellence in pathology reporting requires comprehensive knowledge, clear standardised reports and a commitment to ongoing learning. It also requires exposure to a high volume of broad-ranging conditions, which allows even the rarest of conditions to be diagnosed.

Not all pathology diagnoses are standard. It’s the rare and complex cases that help to define the standards in pathology reporting. Sonic Uro Dx has created an Expert Consultation Panel to conduct regular internal reviews of rare or difficult cases. This allows the reporting for complex cases to draw upon the expertise of our most experienced uropathologists, and ensures that this knowledge permeates the entire practice. Our Expert Consultation Panel also consults with colleagues nationally and internationally to maximise the benefits of being part of a global practice.

Everyone processes information differently, so Sonic Uro Dx provides clinicians with personalised reports in different formats, including innovative visual reports.

Two versions of the reports are available:

1. A contrast of individual annual statistics with the entire pool of urologists who refer to our practices.

2. A contrast of a clinician’s personal statistics over the last five years.