Excellence in gynaecological pathology

Cervical 1GynaePath promotes the pooling and enrichment of specialist expertise, to create the largest specialist gynaecological and reproductive pathology practice in Australia, but also an unparalleled centre of excellence.

GynaePath offers the unique expertise of a team of internationally recognised specialist gynaecological pathologists,headed by Adjunct Professor Annabelle Farnsworth and Dr Jennifer Roberts.

GynaePath pathologists are actively involved with numerous professional committees and organisations, forging relationships with clinicians and special interest groups at national and international levels. They are strongly committed to teaching and research, and many hold academic appointments. We have established easy access to this pathologist group - facilitating consultation services for gynaecologists, GPs and women's health practitioners.

About GynaePath

GynaePath represents the largest specialist gynaecological and reproductive pathology practice in Australia.

The collective expertise and experience of this group of pathologists is unrivalled in this country.
The fully integrated Cervical Screening Department benefits from the skills of both our gynaecological and molecular pathologist teams.
This centre of excellence offers a comprehensive gynaecological pathology service operating as a boutique laboratory within and supported by the full resources of Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology, Australia’s largest pathology laboratory.

- Diagnostic services provided by a team of 12 specialist gynaecological pathologists, headed by Adj. Professor Annabelle Farnsworth
- Advanced investigative procedures performed ‘in-house’
- Immunoperoxidase stains (including hormone receptor studies)
- Flow cytometry
- Frozen sections
- Cytogenetics
- Second-opinion consultation and review
- Attendance at multi-disciplinary meetings
- O & G related pathology services

GynaePath pathologists are ably supported by the skilled, dedicated staff of the GynaePath cytology and histopathology departments, headed by Shirley George and Leanne Henderson respectively. All our scientists are well-qualified and highly motivated to provide and maintain highest quality results, using uncompromising standards of equipment and technology.

GynaePath cytologists comprise one of the largest and most experienced teams in Australia. The cytology operation is further supported by a dedicated statistician and research assistant.

- Cervical cancer screening
- Pathology of reproductive failure
- Oncology
- Pathology of reproductive failure
- Oncology
- Cervical Screening Program

- Laboratory service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- Pathologists available for consultation 24 hours a day
- Comprehensive range of specialised tests performed in-house
- Extensive courier network and multiple daily pick-ups
- Convenient collection centre locations
- Home collections for house-bound patients