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Executive team

The Sonic Healthcare Australia Pathology executive team is based in Sydney, Australia. Operating under the leadership of a pathologist CEO, the team provides leadership and support to our federation of entities based on the Sonic Healthcare principles of Medical Leadership

At Sonic, we know that Medical Leadership promotes the highest standard of operational and professional excellence. We believe that both clinicians and patients are best served by those who understand and respect the complexities, obligations and privileges of practising medicine.

The Sonic Healthcare Australia Pathology executive team handles negotiations for services and contracts on a national scale, with local contracts managed by our entities. We believe this operating model enables us to meet both national and local market demands, delivering the best outcomes for our referring clinicians and their patients.


Management team

Management team Title
Ian Clark Chief Executive Officer
Lawrie Bott Chief Medical Officer
Sam Nagra Chief Financial Officer
Robyn Woodburn Chief Operating Officer
Janine Honey Information Systems Manager
Glenice Gale Executive Assistant
Elizabeth Plati National Procurement Manager
Vanessa Hindmarsh National Property Compliance & Governance Manager
Jane Marning National Commercial Pathology Manager
Jennifer Sparrow National Marketing Manager
Lindsay Thitchener Sonic Education Senior Officer, Sonic Catalyst Program Manager, Corporate Liaison Manager
Lynn Nelson Quality Projects & NBCSP Quality Manager
Peter Zacher

Engineering Manager

Matthew Watton

National Quality Manager